Dr. Dan Taber - PhD, MPH

After working at the interface of science and policy, I've learned that science can't speak for itself. To improve the impact of science, I founded Science By Design where we link scientists with creatives to improve how science is communicated to different audiences.

Outside of work, my biggest passions are marathon running, movies, and traveling the world! Favorite destinations have included Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Heaven on Earth - a.k.a., New Zealand.​

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I live in Seattle, WA, where I am a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, and the President of Science By Design, a company dedicated to enhancing the impact of science by linking research, design, and social media consulting. I came to Seattle in 2016 from Austin, TX, where I was an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas School of Public Health.

​For years, I've been studying the impact of public policy on childhood obesity. I grew interested in policy research in graduate school, when I designed a national evaluation of school-based nutrition policy changes – a study that would eventually be cited by the USDA in their landmark "Smart Snacks" rule in 2013. Subsequently, I led several policy evaluations that are cited by scientists, journalists, community leaders, and policymakers around the world.