Dr. Dan Taber - PhD, MPH


I founded Science By Design to help other scientists communicate more effectively. Science By Design links my two passions - data science and creativity - through data visualization, graphic design, and social media services. 

Science By Design, LLC

Ironically, I'm an introvert who loves to talk. I frequently give public talks about food policy, obesity prevention, and systems science to diverse audiences in a variety of venues - scientific conferences, university seminars, political meetings, community forums, podcast audiences, and more.

I passionately believe that science means nothing if you don't communicate it to the right audiences. This is why I dedicate myself  to writing, speaking, and using social media to discuss science with diverse audiences. Audiences include scientific and non-scientists, graduates and undergraduates, and domestic and international leaders.

I also love communicating! It's fun to engage with people who care about the same issues (whether they agree with me or not.)

My research has been featured on several national media outlets, including those listed to the right. Specific news stories can be found by clicking on the icons.

I was also a guest on podcasts with the American Medical Association and the U.S. Department of Health and ​Human Services.

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